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Fruit Machine (fruit machine) a large general rule, if a small mango and small stars continuous emergence of a hand within 5 four times, then going to a big star! If the continuous emergence of small stars (the best is 3,4 consecutive), or straight out of the Xiao Juzi 3,4, then going to a big watermelon! If a small continuous 7, (or more preferably the continuous 4), the intermediate may appear small mango, then going out of the big 7! If Apple consecutive, 10 lots within a 5 times or more, then going out BAR jackpot! !! And if it is 25 times the first time, then it will come out again, and it does not exceed 15 hands, the probability is 60% , then the future will be out for a while, and then while large class of 7. This is an opportunity for the machine to send points in time should pay attention to! The case sent prize money is out in the case of each of the pressure you basically 20 points or more, and lose a lot of points, but called the case a prize money at a later time there will be a half-hour before starting to jump start the digital press and hold the key, usually a large number. Five steps to comply with it, you will definitely succeed:온카지노쿠폰

A third run on the lower right corner several apple, charge Method: 50 minutes orange, papaya, watermelon 5 min 20 min 10 min binary; 2 watermelon is run on the upper corner may be several third, charge method: binary 40 points, 50 points papaya, apple bell 50 points 30 points; 3 run on the upper left corner is a small bell next several second one, charge method: orange 50 fight, fight 20 papaya, apple 50 points, 15 points watermelon; 4. Running on the small apple is the second from the top right corner, the bet method: watermelon 50 points, papaya 50, orange 35 points and double stars 40 points; 5. Run on the right jump light, apple 50 papaya 10

If you do not finish the above 5 steps, you can continue to run again. The winning rate is 85%. It is best to hit two people with this machine. Do n’t bet on others. If you do n’t know, you can empty one or two hands. When you open 6 apples, you can bet the sky gate. , 10 points or more is hard to say, the probability of opening oranges after a small bell is 65% apple 20% watermelon 5% papaya 10% small apples after opening papaya 30% orange 15% big apple 40% watermelon 10% double star 5% After opening the watermelon 25% double star 25% apple 30% orange 20% small orange after opening the bell 60% orange 30% apple 5% watermelon 5%, the stake can be staked according to the above 5 steps.

How to see if the machine is eating points: When the conditions meet one of the above 5 steps, open a small double 7 and then bet 50 points on the apple to run a small one of the big three (small watermelon; small double star; small double 7) ) The machine is about to start eating. At this time, you can stop and watch others play. You can start playing again when the machine even opens three apples.

The rule of lottery When you turn to the middle position, the big lantern is out, pay attention! If two or three lights go out in a row, then this machine is in a state of eating, change the machine, otherwise it will eat as much as you want! If the lottery hits a big bell, then there will be big bells or big oranges in the last 3 hands, the probability is 60%! If you hit a big mango, then the second hand may still be a big mango, or the machine will be eating soon! Be careful! If you hit a big star or the like, then the next few will have a big out! If you hit an apple, and you hit two apples! !! Then the machine will award a BAR in 15 hands. 70% probability.

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